Specialities World Class Treatment


  • All head and neck cancers

  • All types of oral resection with reconstruction commonly with pectoralis major myocut flap

  • Breast: Both modified radical mastectomy and breast conserving surgeries.

  • GI cancer: D2 gastrectomy, APR and sphincter sparing surgeries for rectal cancers

  • Urogenital cancer and testicular cancer: RPLND is being done

  • Radical nephretomy

  • Radical cystetomy with Ileal conduit

  • For Ca Penis: Partial amputation to emasculation with bilateral Ilio inguinal block dissection.

  • Gynaec Cancer: Wertheim’s hysterectomy for cancer cervix,

  • Pelvic excularation procedures for recurrent carcinoma cervix.

  • Musculoskeletal cancer: Limb sparing surgeries and prosthetic reconstruction for bone cancer

  • WLE and compartmental excision for soft tissue sarcoma.